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Art installation—historical images in a modern medium.

The challenge:
Having recently renovated their historical homestead, the owners wanted to display family photos in a modern way to mesh with their contemporary art collection.

The solution:
A group of historical images of the stone farm house and it's evolution over many decades were chosen. The side of the main stairs was selected for the display—a transitional hallway between some of the oldest and newest areas of the home that also received good sunlight. Using a new technology, the images were infused into light-weight aluminum panels. The medium and the matte finish are resistant to sun damage which was an important criteria as the space receives a lot of natural light. Hung in chronological order, they showcase the various additions and changes to the home overtime. The installation of historical images on metal panels blends well with the owners' existing modern art.

The result:
The very visible archival display delights the owners as well as the many visitors to their home.

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